15th Festival of Dances 2019

The place of action of our ensemble is located in a touristic region, Eliki, in the municipality of Diakopto.
It is an area that combines sea and mountain, ideal for summer vacation.

An important archaeological site worth visiting is also Ancient Eliki.. The remnants of the ancient city of Eliki which sank to the Korinthian. Gulf during the terrible earthquake of 373 A.D fascinate visitors .After 5 Km There is the Agio. Agio is a city with very long history. According to tradition, the name of the city is linked to the name of the city is linked to the Goat that nurtured Zeus. It used to be a religious and political centre of Achaean Commonwealth in the history times. Remnants of the ancient world are preserved today attracting visitors to the Mycenean Cemetary,and a bulding from Classic Period which includes a part of public bulding of the 4th century.

East of Eliki there is the town of Diakopto, so to board on the famous Rack railway and enjoy a memorable ride through the natural beauty of Voracious Canyon and reach historic Kalavryta. The ride on the Rack Railway lasts approximately 70 minutes, wich is enough time to feel awe.Do not worry, the ride iwith the Rack Railway is safe,three have never been any accidents since it began in 1896..Besides ,the view while crossing Vouraikos Canyon will compensate the fear it evokes.While admiring the view ,Keep in mind that according to legend it was made by Hercules ,who cut the mountain in two naives with his sword.

Touring the religious sites of the area includes

The historic Monastery of Aghia Lavra ,founded in 961 AD located to the west of Kalavryta at a distance of 6 Km from the town. There are invaluable relics in the monastery such as the Banner of the revolution of 1821 which marked the beginning of the revolution to the enslaved Greeks.

Holy Monastery of Mega Spileo (Grand Cave) tounded in 362 AD end one of the oldest and most historic monasteries in Hellas. It is 1 Km away from the city of Kalavryta at an altitude of 924 metres. There are a lot of relics and scripts Kept in the monastery, the most valuable possession being the icon of Virgin Mary which was made by Luke the Apostle.

Winter sports funs will surely be thrilled with the ski resort at Kalabryta ,which is built in the area called Xirokabos (14 Km away from Kalavryta)with some of the best ski slopes in Greece.

The (Cave Lakes) is also worth seing as it offeres a sight you have never seen before .You will be literally enchanted .It is located near the village Kastria,17 Km away from Kalavryta. This rare cave is naturally made ,with beautiful colours ,a variety of stalactite formations, labyrinthine corridors and 13 successive terraced lakes which make it unique.

From our place, someone could visit the archeological sites of DELPHOI- OLYMPIA- KORINTHOS- MYKINES- EPIDAURUS, with amazing archeological findings.

After 165 km the capital city of Greece, Athens is located, and it is full of archeological findings, too(Akropolis- Parthenon etc.)
After a distance of 30km the biggest toutistic port of our country, Patras, is located, with the biggest overhanging bridge in Greece and in hole Europe.